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2017 Membership Benefits

Our members are the foundation of our organization. Our organization is solely funded by memberships and website promotions. We do not receive any funding from the Government or the City of Campbell River. Our success in promoting Campbell River comes from providing great value for our members. We have recently added even more value for each level of membership.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and one of the directors will get back to you shortly.

Click links for descriptions below. BASIC ENHANCED PREMIER
Contact information in listing
Link to business website and email in listing
Number of applicable categories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Event postings, with cross-posting throughout website
Cross posting of your events to Social Media    
Images on Facebook with link to website and Facebook page 2 5 10
Images on Pinterest with link to website 2 5 10
Images on Flickr with credit to website 2 5 10
Location of listing on the category pages Bottom
Rotating listings
More Information Requests
Link in email auto responders
Link in website error pages    
Link to CR Tourism webcam for business website
Description   75 words 150 words
Logo in listing    
Rotating banner on every page throughout website    
Discounts at select participating CRT member businesses Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
"Earn your membership" program Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Sponsor a webcam (additional fee)
Membership highlight icons     Coming Soon!
Link to promotional coupon     Coming Soon!

Features apply to 2017 memberships that expire Sept. 30, 2017. Features may change without notice.


Feature Descriptions

Contact information in listing

For every listing, you will have all your contact details added. If you have a landline and a cell phone, both will be added. Also, if you have a mailing address that is different than your physical location address, both will be added. An example may be a Fishing Charter business that receives mail at their home but has a physical location address wherever they have moorage.


Link to business website and email in Listing

For every listing, you will have a clickable hyperlink to your website and email. This will make it easy for our website users to contact you.


Number of applicable categories

Each membership type can list under all the appropriate categories for their business (unlimited). Before activation, the categories chosen will be reviewed and verified. For example, if you are a fishing guide charter company that offers whale watching through subcontractors, you may also list as whale watching. These packages must be offered on your public website and not within hidden pages or text. In addition, during the website review, we will add you to additional relevant categories if we find some that apply.


Event postings with cross-posting throughout website

All members have the ability to add an event listing here. Each event submitted will need approval from at least one Director. We do not add events outside of Campbell River and the immediate area unless approved by the Board of Directors.


Cross posting of your events to Social Media

For Premier members, we will cross-post your events to Facebook and write a status post to promote it.


Images on Facebook with link to website and Facebook page

We have photo albums on our Facebook page and can add photos that you submit to us. These photos can have a photo credit, and link back to your website as well as photo tags and tags to your business's Facebook page.


Images on Pinterest with link to website

We have a board on Pinterest where we can upload your image(s) to the board directly or pin images from your board to ours.


Images on Flickr with credit to website

We have a Flickr feed on our website and we can include your photo(s) with a photo credit to you and/or your business.


Location of listing on the category pages

Each membership level has a specific position on the category pages. The Premier memberships are always listed at the top, the Enhanced memberships in the middle and the Basic memberships are at the bottom of each relevant category page.


Rotating listings

The listings within each section of the page (Premier at the top, Enhanced in the middle and Basic at the bottom) will rotate and sort randomly between everyone in that section. This gives everyone the opportunity to be at the top of that section. The page re-sorts with each page load.


More Information Requests

Our Visitor Survey has a question that allows visitors to opt into more contact from Campbell River Tourism members based on the type of activities they plan to participate in while they are visiting in Campbell River. Once that survey has been submitted, the member will receive that visitor's contact details so that the member can follow through with their own promotional materials. Some of these activities are: accommodation, fishing, bear watching, whale watching, etc. This is an automated process on our website. (Privacy Policy) - (Canada's Anti-Spam Laws)


Link in email auto responders

There is a list of our active members added to each auto response sent out from any email inquiries.


Link in website error pages

The Premier members are listed on the error pages whenever someone makes a page request and the page does not exist. (There error pages include 400, 401, 403, 404 and 500 errors.)


Link to CR Tourism webcam for business website

One of the great benefits of your membership, regardless of the level, is the ability to add our webcam to your website. The copyright must stay intact on the image at all times with a hyperlink back to There must also be a text link back to Our webmaster can guide you through the implementation. This link will expire when your membership expires.



The description is the text that you provide to us to promote your business for your listing. This is only available for Enhanced (75 words) and Premier (150 words) members.


Logo in listing

Enhanced and Premier memberships have a logo with their listing. The logo is one that you provide to us and must be a jpeg, gif, png or pdf file. If you do not have a logo, our webmaster can create one for you, for a small additional fee. Logo must be 100 px wide and 200 px high.


Rotating banner on every page throughout website

The rotating banner is locating on the right hand side, just above our brochure link. It is only visible if a banner is available. When there is more than one banner, they will rotate, with a random sort, with every page refresh. The size of the banner is 100 x 200 pixels and must be a jpeg, gif, png or pdf file.


Discounts at select Campbell River Tourism member businesses

Some of our members have graciously offered discounts for our other Campbell River Tourism Promotion Society members. We appreciate their generosity and will have a page on our website that will list these discounts. Your listing must be active on the website for verification of membership status to receive the discount.


"Earn Your Membership" program

We are offering the ability to "earn your membership". We are hoping you can spread the word about Campbell River Tourism. If a first time member signs up with you as the sponsor, you get a discount on your next membership year. Only one sponsor per membership permitted. Maximum credit permitted is the value of your current membership and can only be applied toward the following year's membership purchase.


Sponsor a webcam (additional fee)

To sponsor a Campbell River Tourism webdam, you must have at least a Basic membership with us. The fees vary dependent on the location and well as traffic. More detail about webcam sponsorship is here.


Membership highlight icons

The icons are for Premier members. These icons highlight certain aspects of their business within their listing. For example, if a hotel has a pool, it will have a swimming icon.


Link to promotional coupon

We are providing our Premier members the opportunity to post a promotional coupon on our website. These will be cross-promoted in relevant areas throughout the website.



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