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The Salmon Capital of the World

Campbell River's international acclaim as the "Salmon Capital of the World," is well deserved. Over 100 years ago, British journalist Sir Richard Musgrave, first extolled the virtues of the mighty Chinook/King salmon to be caught at the mouth of this great river. With aid of native guides in a dugout canoe he landed many of these great specimens including a 70 pound Chinook and subsequently shared his grand adventure with sportsmen throughout Europe in the popular sporting journal, "The Field."

Salmon Tyee

Instant recognition as an angling mecca brought many of the world's foremost sportsmen to the area. In 1924, a group of dedicated individuals wanting to preserve the integrity of the fishing experience, introduced the concept of a great fishing club loosely modeled after the Catalina Tuna Club. Their vision was to ensure that future generations of anglers would share their same respect for these mighty trophies and implemented rules that enshrined sportsmanship for these prized, genetic specimens. As B.C.'s oldest fishing club, a small but dedicated group of anglers continue their pilgrimage to this river's estuary in search of entrance into the Tyee Club of British Columbia f raternity which can only be earned.

Today, the once far away shores that only the rich and famous enjoyed, are shared by a vibrant community and thousands of anglers who come in anticipation of world-class sport fishing opportunities in the region. Tent camps on the beach have long since been replaced by modern amenities of the 20th century designed for angler's comfort and distances traveled to arrive here are now measured in hours rather than days. Sleek and fast angling machines whisk fishers to bountiful fishing grounds which change with the migratory patterns of the salmon and bait supply. From those businesses that cater to the most discerning corporate clientele to those with the budget-conscious in mind an array of options are readily available.

Come discover for yourself why Campbell River truly is
the Salmon Capital of the World!

Protected Waters

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Campbell River for Your Next Fishing Adventure!

  1. Consistency of catch
    Combine a location on a southern migration route for all 5 major species of Pacific Salmon with a stable, year-round fishery for Chinook in upper Georgia Strait, and you understand why catch data compiled by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean consistently reaffirms that anglers don't just fish here, they catch here!
  2. Protected waters
    Located on the scenic Inside Passage, anglers can expect to fish in sheltered passages and bays afforded by numerous islands between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. Fishing is done within sight of land and in all but the most extreme, offers comfortable marine conditions.
  3. Experienced guides
    It comes as no surprise that professional guides who learned their trade here are considered among the very best. Many guides are full-time with many years of experience at assisting anglers with unraveling the mysteries of the Pacific Salmon.
  4. Wide range of boats and rates
    From boat rentals by the hour, to fully-captained luxury yachts and everything else in between, you can be assured of finding a boat that suits your requirements. Charter by the hour, day or week with a host of packages available either a-la-carte or fully-inclusive.
  5. Choice of accommodation
    A strong and diverse tourism trade has emerged to accommodate the varied needs of anglers. Campgrounds and R.V. Parks cater to those wanting to experience nature to those whom require full-service, hook-ups and conveniences. With a range of Innkeepers providing motel, hotel and resort accommodation, anglers can be assured of finding lodging to suit their needs.
  6. Natural scenery
    Nestled between the Vancouver Island Mountain range to the west and the snow-capped peaks of the Coast Mountain range to the east, it is easy to become entranced by the natural beauty of the region. Home to a large population of Bald Eagles, it is commonplace to see abundant sea-birds, marine mammals and on occasion, transient Killer Whales.
  7. Year-round fishing
    For the knowledgeable, the many varied seasons of the year provide ample opportunity for twelve month success. While summer continues to attract the majority of anglers, a growing number have been exposed to the excellent fishing in early spring, late fall and throughout the winter months.
  8. Accessibility
    Growth in modern transportation allows anglers direct air access many times daily on commuter airlines via a 40 minute flight from Vancouver or from Lake Union near Seattle at regularly scheduled fares. For those traveling by vehicle, efficient ferry systems connect the Mainland with the island at Victoria and Nanaimo where a modern highway system offers a scenic drive.
  9. A host of amenities for the angler
    A complement of retail tackle shops offer the visiting sportsman a host of basic and specialty items adapted for our conditions along with helpful, up-to-date advice. Local boat ramps, marinas and boat rentals make welcome those with their own boat or those with a desire to do-it-themselves.
  10. Custom processing
    Whether your preference is to release or retain your catch you can be assured that your fish will be properly attended to. Local processors offer a range of services for freezing, canning, hot and cold smoking, vacuum-packaging and worldwide shipping services.


Planning a Fishing Vacation

Time of year

Fishing in the region is year-round. In salt water, the high season begins in May and will run through October. Winter fishing for Chinook/King is increasing in popularity and is common from December to April. Winter Steelhead can be caught in river systems from November to April with trout fishing being done year-round in the region's plentiful lake system.

Equipment to bring

The coast is temperate throughout most of the year but weather conditions are constantly changing. Many charter operators can provide the necessary all weather gear but personal items should include a warm sweater, rain suit, hat and boots along with fair weather clothing ,sunscreen and sunglasses.


If your journey is international in nature please refer to Canada Customs for current regulations pertaining to the importation of alcohol, tobacco and other personal items into Canada. Firearms (including stun guns) are strictly prohibited in Canada. If you are from overseas it is strongly recommended that you check into regulations pertaining to the importation of fish products into your home country to avoid delays on your re-entry abroad.


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