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Fishing Reports 2018

Freshwater Fishing Report for the week ending December 29, 2012

Provided courtesy of Tyee Marine.

Freshwater fishing is being done on both lakes and rivers. Most lakes have some type of inflow where trout will be congregating to feed before swimming upstream to spawn. Casting a spoon like a Krocodile or Lucky Strike is a good bet, or just plunk a worm or a bit of roe on the bottom, roast a hotdog and wait.

Steelhead anglers have been plying local rivers for over a month now looking for winter Steelhead. The Nimpkish has produced a few fish, as well as the Quinsam, which has yielded good Cutthroat fishing at times also. The Gold has been producing a few Steelhead as well. Reports from further afield indicate that the Quatse, Keogh and Stamp rivers are all fishing well. Water conditions have been bouncing like a yoyo, with high water followed by low in most area rivers. Steelhead are typically easier to catch in medium to high water, but they can be caught in low water if you downsize your gear and line test. As the weather becomes milder at the end of January (we hope) Steelhead angling usually improves.


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