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Fishing Reports 2019

Freshwater Fishing Report for the week ending February 01, 2011

Provided courtesy of Tyee Marine.

Gold River: Winter run Steelhead are lingering in the Gold River. During higher water, use float gear with pink worms or wool. Recommended fly patterns should consist of purple wooley buggers and general practitioners or maribou rabbit flies. Bright attractor patterns work well for fly anglers. Their are Winter Steelhead and trout lingering in the Quinsam right now. Try casing with Iron Head spoons or the above recommended fly patterns.

Salmon River: Searun Cutthroat have moved into the estuary and up-river. These fish are eager takers of most natural aquatic insect flies, fry patterns and hardware.

Campbell River system: The Coho and Chum runs are all over for this year. winter Steelhead are entering the system. the Campbell and Quinsam are early run rivers, so expect to see Steelhead as early as late November. As with most river systems on Vancouver Island,organic baits are banned.

Oyster River: The Oyster is a great river to do some casting or fly fishing for cutties!

Lake Scene: The lakes are awesome right now. The Lower Campbell is very active with Cutty's and Rainbow. Leach Patterns are always good. If you are trolling, try using Leo's Gang Trolls with a Wedding Band and worm. Wiggle Wood Lures are also working great.


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