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Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship in the Inner Passage
Cruise Ship Passing in Front of Campbell River

Several Cruise Lines also pass through the narrow channel of the Discouvery Passage on their inner passage to Alaska creating a magnificant site for Campbell Riverites and visitors alike. Below you will find a list of passages and stops in Campbell River.

Cruise Ship Passages by Campbell River

The site of a brightly lit Cruise Ship passing through the narrow waters of the Inner Passage is spectacular. The following is a list of known passages in front of Campbell River. Times listed are only an approximation of when we expect them to pass in front of Campbell River. For live monitoring, please visit our webcam page or visit ShipFinder.

We are sorry, we have no active listings at this time.

Please note: we have volunteers updating this list. It may not be a complete list of all cruise ship passages.


Cruise Ship Passing While Salmon Fishing in Campbell River
Cruise Ship Passing While Salmon Fishing

The following are some cruise lines that pass through the inner passage on their way to Alaska, passing in front of Campbell River on their way. They often pass so close, you can hear music and the laughter on deck. They are quite spectacular at night time with all of their lights on or passing you while you are out there fishing!




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